Office Fees:
Comprehensive first visit (90 -120 mins): $180
Follow-up visits (30-90 min): at rate of $160 per hour

Initial Consultation
Typically, the initial consultation takes 1.5-2 hours. During this first visit, an in-depth review of your medical history, diet, present and past symptoms, lifestyle and general health concerns takes place.

Intake forms
All new patients must complete a comprehensive intake form before their first appointment. This is an extensive questionnaire that thoroughly covers physical symptoms, medical & treatment history as well as many diet and lifestyle factors. Our receptionist will email or fax an intake form to new patients that is to be completed prior to the first scheduled appointment. The completed intake form can be faxed back to our office or brought in with you at your appointment time.

Additional supplemental questionnaires must also be completed for patients who are:

  • pre-menopausal woman with hormonal issues
  • post-menopausal woman interested in natural hormone therapy
  • dealing with thyroid conditions.

Laboratory Testing
Patients with long-standing and complex health issues (especially digestive disorders) can expect that specialized laboratory testing will be recommended. This is a logical and very necessary step in many cases to determine the true nature of the patient’s health condition. This investigation enables exact causes to be found and effective treatment protocols to be implemented.

As part of the initial assessment, Dr. Rolston will also review any bloodwork that has been done through conventional medical testing. He will often recommend further testing be done through the patient’s family doctor if such testing would be advantageous for the patient.

The goals of the initial consultation are to:

  • determine the underlying causes of your chief complaint(s)
  • assess your overall health and vitality
  • identify the most important health issue(s)
  • go over the results of any previously ordered laboratory tests
  • discuss further testing that may be necessary
  • discuss treatment options
  • tailor a treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

Follow-up visits
Follow-up visits are extremely important for monitoring patient progress, modifying treatment protocols, going over test results and considering further testing. Follow-up appointments may be recommended anywhere from days to months after the initial consultation, depending on the nature of the health condition.


Check with your human resources department. Most private health insurance plans now cover services from licensed Naturopathic Doctors! Currently there is no coverage for services from Naturopathic doctors under Alberta Health Care.