Naturopathic doctors’ thorough training in the conventional medical sciences allows them to order and interpret the standard blood and serum tests used by conventional doctors. ND’s are also able to take advantage of other specialized and high-tech laboratory tests useful for investigating more deeply into the possible causes of disease.

Dr. Rolston specializes in advanced testing of many systems and health areas- including digestive, hormonal, metabolic, detoxification, toxicity testing and nutritional status markers. Advanced testing can uncover many imbalances that are overlooked by conventional medical approaches and less-accurate alternative testing. Many patients come to Dr. Rolston because they have failed to find answers elsewhere.

Dr. Rolston offers the following leading-edge laboratory testing services:

  • comprehensive digestive health analysis (CDSA’s)
  • comprehensive parasite, bacteria and candida/yeast testing – full microbiology panels
  • gut immunology assessment
  • leaky gut assessment
  • comprehensive food allergy testing (IgG & IgE)
  • comprehensive thyroid and adrenal function testing
  • hormonal testing – male & female comprehensive panels
  • salivary hormone testing – of all types
  • toxic (heavy) metal assessment – via 6 hour urine collection
  • comprehensive cardiovascular risk assessment
  • liver detoxification profiles
  • comprehensive vitamin, mineral, amino acid, antioxidant, and essential fatty acid/fat metabolic profiles
  • oxidative stress analysis
  • metabolic analysis profile
  • organic acids testing
  • genetic testing for immune function, cardiovascular health, detoxification, and bone health.
  • brain neurotransmitter testing
  • functional medicine testing of all types
  • conventional medical blood screens through local medical laboratories
  • PCR/IgG/IgM/DNA testing for viruses, mycoplasma, atypical organisms
  • environmental and occupational toxicity testing
  • MTHFR (methylation) and other comprehensive genetic testing

Laboratory Services Provided through:

DynaLife; Genova Diagnostics; Doctor’s Data; Rocky Mountain Analytical; Diagnos-Techs; Metametrix; Rhein Labs; Meridian Valley; NeuroImmunology Labs; NeuroScience; Great Plains Laboratory; Accu-Chem and 23andME.

FACT: Finding the cause of your health condition and implementing appropriate treatments based on this information saves you money and gets you better results.

This is why Dr. Rolston encourages appropriate laboratory investigations be done when indicated – for YOUR sake!