Dr. Rolston’s journey into his own health 20 years ago led him early on to study meditation, bodywork, energy work, nutrition, whole-foods cooking, fasting, cleansing and detoxification. He spent a year studying holistic therapies at Heartwood Institute in California before moving to Oregon in 1996 to study at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) in Portland. There he received his training in naturopathic therapies. In 2000 he graduated at the top of his class with the highest academic distinction available.

Starting a meditation practice in his early 20’s (that he continues today) has provided him with a means to explore into the deeper aspects of self and spirituality and to discover his true purposefulness. He credits this awareness practice as one thing that has impacted his life very positively and has allowed him to see the truer meanings within life’s challenges.

His earlier education in electrical engineering proved to be an asset. This background gave him a strong analytical mindset for problem-solving, which he now applies to medicine. He has always had an interest in how things ‘really work’, and a good Naturopathic physician functions as a “medical detective” in order to discover the true causes of illness.

He has run a private general family practice in Edmonton since 2000, with a special interest in treating a wide range of common conditions that are seldom addressed from a truly rational and common-sense perspective through conventional medicine.

Dr. Rolston believes that each health challenge provides an opportunity to learn something valuable about the self. He believes they have the potential to push us to expand, learn and grow and become more conscious of who we are and what we are really here for – they are great ‘wake-up’ calls. He sees illness as a message from a higher intelligence inside telling us that something is out of balance and needs to be addressed.

Dr. Rolston has been a member of the AANP (Alberta Association of Naturopathic Practitioners – now the CNDA) since 2000.